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The content of this post was written by me few years ago. It builds conceptual framework on JVP and carotid wave analysis for tachyarrhythmia diagnosis. Many concepts written in this post are practical with a bit of practice and spending time with patients. The techniques written here can be used as important adjunct to 12 lead surface ECG tracing in diagnosing tachyarrythmia.

In this article, I will discuss about the bias introduced in estimation of coefficient of a given explanatory variable due to the presence of confounding factors. After that, I will try to demonstrate about the effect of variable collinearity on estimation of coefficient.
Confounding and collinearity,2018

Erythropoeisis is the process by which Red Blood Cells (RBCs) are formed from the mother cells (Stem Cells) inside the bone marrow. RBCs contain Hemoglobin, oxygen carrier and are destroyed in the spleen and other reticulo-endothelial cells after a pre-determined time period due to shortening of their cell membranes. The model aims to describe the process of erythropoeisis in terms of differential equations. We can combine various systems of erythropoeisis to understand dynamics of competing erythropoesis as seen in post bone marrow transplant settings.
Deterministic compartmental model for Erythropoeisis,2018

Background and Aim: There is limited data on predictors of acute kidney injury in acute on chronic liver failure. We developed a PIRO model (Predisposition, Injury, Response, Organ failure) for predicting acute kidney injury in a multicentric cohort of acute on chronic liver failure patients. Conclusions: The PIRO model identifies and stratifies acute on chronic liver failure patients at risk of developing acute kidney injury. It reliably predicts mortality in these patients, underscoring the prognostic significance of acute kidney injury in patients with acute on chronic liver failure. Click to know more about Predictive Nomogram
PIRO Model: Predicting AKI in ACLF. Liver Int. 2017;00:1–11, 2017

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. Confounding and collinearity. Confounding and collinearity, 2018.

. Deterministic compartmental model for Erythropoeisis. Deterministic compartmental model for Erythropoeisis, 2018.

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. PIRO Model: Predicting Acute Kidney Injury in Acute on Chronic liver Failure. PIRO Model: Predicting AKI in ACLF. Liver Int. 2017;00:1–11, 2017.

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Background While going through the literatures, I came across two landmark articles on the evolution of Monoclonal Gammopathy of Unknown Significance (MGUS) and Smoldering Multiple Myeloma (SMM) by the Mayo Clinic Group headed by Dr Robert Kyle. These articles described the evolution of MGUS and SMM into symptomatic myeloma by reporting cumulative proportion of developing symptomatic myeloma in a population based follow up study. The following figure depicts the progression of MGUS into symptomatic myeloma


Introduction Sample size calculation is an integral part in the inferential statistics, in which we are estimating a population parameter (our interest) from a sample statistic (data available to us). We carry out experiment on a finite numbered sample and calculate a summary measure out of it (sample statistic, lets say, sample mean) with an intent to estimate the unknown population parameter (population mean). The basic premise of statistical estimation is that as the sample size increases, the sample statistic will be reflecting the population parameter more accurately (its variation will be less around the population parameter).


Introduction Practicing Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) has become the norm in Clinical Medicine for past few decades. Generating evidences by carrying out and publishing clinical research of various types (clinical trials, observational studies) have become a norm. It has been observed that around 80% of the clinical research findings and interpretations are not replicable, implicating that wrong clinical decisions are made based on the false findings. Major factors contributing to false results are biases created by researcher, editorial boards of journals and mis-interpretation of statistical terminologies.


Study The study in question is the ALCYONE Trial, published in NEJM in 12 December 2017 by María-Victoria Mateos, Meletios A Dimopoulos, et al. The investigators studied the effect of adding Daratumumab with Bortezomib, Melphalan and Prednisolone in patients with freshly detected Myeloma ineligible for Autologous Bone Marrow Transplantation. The study arms were Arm 1: Daratumumab + Bortezomib + Melphalan + Prednisolone and Arm 2: Bortezomib + Melphalan + Prednisolone


Introduction I was recently working on a PDF file with 60 odd pages and I had to crop the lower border of the pages. ImageMagick ImageMagick is GNU image editing program in Linux. Recently a package named magick has been created by rOpenSci. Steps of batch manipulation of PDF pages Loading PDF pages The PDF pages are loaded as vector of image object pdf <- image_read("path_file.pdf") We can access page i with


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The talk will be on the current perspective on management strategies in patients with smoldering myeloma

The talk will deal with interpretation of results of clinical research with special emphasis of the meaning of p value and the ways in which it is misused

The talk will focus on fundamental dynamics in sample size calculation.



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